Thursday, January 29, 2004


it's more meaningful to be alive at unearthly hours
you think of things you ponder about in the day with a billion times cling ting ting more clarity and a rom pom pom wider perspective
and crueler humour
a book i've completed (only) reading recently has been whipping my mind out of blase complacency
and a latent interest in islam (xtianity and judaism) rekindles

the autobiography of malcolm x

the fact that i bought this book out of a $3 shopping spree from the rejects section of kinokuniya is a disgrace
this book should be flying off the shelves
but i dont expect that kinda phenomenon to happen here in singapore
(most) people here are teach-ed but untaught
feel almost like we've been capped on
yet remain reluctant to move
havent been able to read a book past page 3 since i was 14
how i'd passed my exams thereafter is a miracle to me
suppose i'm a master bullshitter
el-hajj malik el-shabazz was a hustlerpimpaddictarmedburglar
then prisoner
then black muslim
then muslim
he was a changeling
a survivor of white america's politics
but i'll spare you
get the book
rejects kinokuniya