Sunday, December 18, 2005

accidental freebies and parental consent.

sometimes the best things in life are accidental, absolutely unexpected, always the light at the brink of will-throw-mac-out-of-window frustration.

venue - found online quite by accident more than a year ago, on a small portion of a brides forum website. after searching desperately for a garden to hold our wedding at through millions of useless websites, linkless websites, even more useless suggestions, we found it. after all that trouble, they now have their own website and is much easier to find. yes, long after i was desperately searching for something.

bridal gown designer - the operator at SingTel's telephone directory assistance gave me the wrong number, for another bridal company instead! and boy, oh, boy do i love him [other than the fact that i think he caught a glimpse of my titties by accident, no no, this does not qualify as one of life's best accidental thingies]. he is friendly, somewhat wacky, very sincere, kind and absolutely accommodating to my unimaginable colour co-ordination and last-minute 'hey, i was walking and found myself downstairs, here, you know, at your door, can you let me in?' walk-in appointments. i'm the cloud on his silver lining [no pun to his company's name intended].

the painful initial stress of planning a wedding is almost over. except for one; father is forcing the very unfavourable idea of placing a wedding dias [yes, eyes popping out and fingers swelling as i'm typing w-e-d-d-i-n-g-d-i-a-s on keyboard] on us. we are both extremely uncomfortable with the idea although only few tasteless people might insist on taking pictures on the wedding dias.

i mean, OUR WEDDING IS IN A GARDEN FOR GOF'S SAKE [yes, gof]. LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS AND GREENERY TO TAKE PICTURES OF BUT NOOOOOO, we take it on a fake wooden plankish, new paint smellish platform.

i am not a wax model! he is not a subject!

we are people, that's right, p-e-o-p-l-e. not... not subjects. we are not that huge golden buddha you pose with on an elevated platform, we are h-u-m-a-n-b-e-i-n-g-s.

i am embarassed. a new war has started. all over a freaking d-i-e-s, yes, diEs.