Wednesday, April 19, 2006

rolls of bubble pack and tons to wrap

work's been better, considering the fact that i have been receiving lesser emails - and i'm more driven to work now that the boss is back. i will not pressurise my kid as a child and draw up timetables for him/her. it's bad. you grow up needing to be constantly monitored by a tyrant wielding a giant metal spiked ball.

and i have piles of work to clear before i leave the company. it's always the administrative stuff i hate.

but enough of that, and on to the shoes. the shoes that broke. the shoe that caused me to drop 3 inches on my right as i was walking to the Ladies. imagine my shock when i found myself lopsiding. never have i broken my heels, and never will i laugh at someone who broke her shews, though ahm pretty sure i can't stop mahself (dont ask why i have suddenly morphed into a south carolina resident).

i have been craving soyabean curd everyday these past three weeks. comfort food. my mom ate it all the time she was preggers with me, and i ate it all the time as a kid. i'm gonna teach myself how to make soyabean curd and poison self in dubai, along with 1000 others with soya smoke.

might be able to convert half the sheesha addicts in dubai to switch to a healthier alternative, hell, they could even slim down with tofic fumes. here, we were smoking some sheesha at El Sheikh along Pahang Street in the Arab Street area of Singapore. as lehooooserly as it might sound, i can get rather addicted to this damn thing.

it's getting tiresome here. i'm just counting down the days till i wear that sexy dress aboard SQ to dubai and hug ravi at the airport, risking imprisonment for indecent public smooches and causing massive uncontrolled erections all around (from major kissing, not sexy dress).

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