Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"are you thai people?"

location: thanon khao san, bangkok
time: 1304pm
weight: anywhere between a seal pup and orca
waistline: goes to the moon and back three times
pimples: one giant mother of an acne vesuvius in the middle of eyebrows
nose: bleeding from pollution of thailand
hair: perpetual mess and contemplating blue dreadlocks
fingernails: is a scrapbook of dirt, dust and other unhygienic particles

and if i see another sign which requests us to 'take off your shoes', i will run amok, take shoe off and knock over guard. i cannot imagine all the feet fungi all over these places. eesh.

and if someone asks me another bluddy time if i am a thai 'people', i will bite their heads off because i know they just want to con me into using their tuk-tuks.

see you guys soon.

1 comment:

thegrouch said...

sawadee kha! are you thai people? want play my tuk tuk? i take u massage?