Friday, April 07, 2006

the glamour that is Lasik

it's been a few days since the Lasik surgery. my eyesight is great, apparently my left eye has perfect 6/6 vision, but the right oscillates between clear and blur all the time. i'm still getting used to it, i keep telling myself NOT to remove my 'contact lenses'. my vision is clear all the time. unless i have lubricating eyedrops in me eyes. but boy, are my eyes dry all the time, and this will take another month or two.

looking at the computer screen all the time, as is the nature of my sedentary job, is straining my eyes. they are tired all the time, and i cannot keep lubricating them, or my vision will be blurred and i won't be able to focus. i feel better when i look at distant objects, at trees, at birds, at the sky. i should be a dreamer instead.

after spending a bomb on my new eyes, i am beginning to take better care of my eyes. am not sabotaging it this time round. i will listen to what all those teachers told us everyday years ago.

don't read in the dark, don't watch the tv too closely, give your eyes a break every once in a while. on no occasion should i (1)stare at sun, (2)watch tv 20cm away from screen, (3)read in the dark and (4)persist to read for hours without rest.

i was provided a pair of goggles to sleep with. at first i tried not to burst into hysterical laughter, and then i immediately realised they didn't want me scratching or rubbing my eyes in my deep unconscious.

i was sceptical.

i sleep on my side, it WILL be difficult to sleep with goggles on.

the first night, i wake up at 0300am and realise the goggles have ended up near my knees.

the second night, it was above my head.

the third night, it was beside my ear.

i even tried tightening the band around my head so the goggles wouldn't budge, so i won't have the strength to rip it off my face in my deep unconscious. nothing worked. today, i will try for the fourth time. if it ends up somewhere else again, i won't even bother tomorrow night.

as you can see here, with this photo, the glamour that accompanies Lasik comes slow. i can't apply eye make-up for 1-2 weeks and i have to sleep with these goggles. i look like a schizophrenic sky-diver with slit eyes. the chinese in me emerges. i can't be more fashionable than this.


Anonymous said...

goggles look great. :)


thegrouch said...

siapakah si comel itu?
hehehe...pls, pls bring those goggles the next time you come and visit.

Anonymous said...

stylo milo lah sayang


dali said...

i feel extremely pervy with these goggles. and they've come off permanently now - they never stay on.