Tuesday, August 29, 2006

pursuits of the pygal kind

i am butt-deprived.

last night, we ventured into the wild night of the desert to catch a long delayed date at the cinema. we watched The Break Up starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston. the movie was funny, excruciating and extremely exact. and i fell in love with the kitchen and white sofa of the movie set.

pros of watching a movie in dubai:
1. people do not chew their food out loud like some of the animals living in Singapore who occasionally wander into cinemas with large buckets of popcorn do.
2. they sell pancakes that you can bring into the theatre with you. never have i ever been so torn between a mouth-watering pancake and salted nachos with cheese, salsa and fresh jalapenos.
3. the theatre isn't overcrowded.
4. i did not freeze my ass off.
5. nobody checked their SMSes except for the lady beside me who politely left the theatre to continue with a very, very important telecommunication act.

cons of watching a movie in dubai:
1. they censored all the butts in the movie. i was counting on seeing JenA's hot naked butt and the delectable tush of the male model Marilyn Dean was sketching.
2. some parents bring their 9 year old kids to watch romantic comedies who become extremely engrossed in their own private conversations in Hindi.
3. movies cost as much as a full meal, or even twice as much, depending on the kind of daily cuisine one is used to. a ticket per person is DHS30, that's about SGD14. and this, on a weekday night. that's a couple of Big Macs.

several days ago, my beloved friend The Geologist casually asked if i wanted to join her in Nice.


hell, yeah. nothing like a walk (caution, poser speak commencing) along the beach on Promenade de Anglais or taking great snapshots at Cours Saleya and laughing our asses off at a sidewalk cafe taking all of the Mediterranean beauty in.

but i/we might be in for a disappointment. first, the flights are practically full - but there seems to be some alternatives. problem is, my passport. it's still being held back for the issuance of my Resident Visa here.

i wanna sink my teeth into a socca, terrorise my friend in the same box we're gonna live in and fully distract her from her Geology pursuits. i'm hopin' i get my passport back in time to book the non-refundable tickets.

and did anyone notice how beautiful Jamie Foxx's lips are?


Anonymous said...

Tixs here are USD 9. That's 1.3 Big Mac meal or 1 chinese dinner take out or 3 deli rolls or 3 Aunt Anne's


theGeologist said...

you better be waiting in nice when i arrive from castellane.
preferably neked (sic). hahaha.. ok, ok.. no more lesbo jokes. nanti ravi won't let you go :(.

Anonymous said...

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