Friday, August 18, 2006

what do they feed those pumpkins??

yes, i am quite the errant blogger.

as punishment to ravi's workaholic ways and addiction to his acer travelmate (which is, though warm, a poor substitute to a new wife who should be on his lap-top instead), i have whisked his travelmate away from him.

i do miss my mac.

it was 46 degrees celsius here yesterday. it is hot here and i am used to it. there was a magnificent sandstorm here yesterday. and let me tell you, opening your window to get a clearer picture is not, i repeat, not an intelligent way of taking pictures of a sandstorm.

for obvious reasons.

and today, we went to the Singapore Deli Cafe for, well, Singaporean food. managed to get nasi lemak and fantastic authentic sambal. the leaky nasal passages thereafter absolutely delighted me. not that i regretted asking for more sambal and was forced to finish most of it since i was too proud not to finish it after i had boldly asked for more in this sambal-less desert paradise.

i have switched interests, from Ellen DeGeneres to Martha Stewart. Martha has inspired me to grow giant pumpkins weighing 1450pounds.

to whet yer appetite, here's a shot of ravi and i escaping from everybody to the Summer House on our wedding day. the smiles came easy when we were away from the relatives who are always more concerned about themselves, about how they think the wedding should be - than they are about the actual bride + groom.


thegrouch said...

my pisang and her groom look so happy :).
see you in october.

Anonymous said...

hi dali, i m finally back in US, school is about to start. i couldnt email or drop a note till now, once i settle i ll try to send you a longer note but for now i should tell that it was great to be in your wedding, felt awesome to see you "in real". and thanks once more for wanting me to be there at your wedding, sitting with your friends at the same table.. i truly felt honored.

with my best wishes to the happy couple,

dali said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations :) -Junli